Oyster Trail

A Project of the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program

What is the Oyster Trail?

The Oyster Trail

The Oyster Trail is a fun, educational and public art treasure hunt throughout coastal Alabama.  Look for the large fiberglass oysters that have been painted, decorated and bedazzled by artists throughout the area and which can be found along the street, within parks, in lobbies, and well…wherever.  Each oyster has a fact plaque that includes important information about the oyster’s ecological and economic benefit to Mobile Bay. Visitors to the Trail are guided by a Trail Map which provides locations of the oysters.

Trail Maps can be found in hotels, shops, visitor centers, etc. or can be downloaded using the links below. Remember to complete the scavenger hunt form and return it to win Oyster Trail Prizes!

Oyster Trail Maps

Click here to download Downtown Mobile Map
Click here to download Full Oyster Trail Map
Click here to download Scavenger Hunt Form 

Why the Oysters?

To many in Mobile and coastal communities, the oyster is a seafood favorite.  Just as important, oysters are essential to the water quality of Mobile Bay. They filter the water, remove excessive nutrients, protect shorelines from erosion and provide habitats for more than 300 species.  The economic benefits of oysters include providing jobs not only for the oystermen who harvest them, but for the companies that prepare and ship them throughout the country.

Who is Behind This?

The Oyster Trail is an established project of the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program, with partners including the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Each stop along the Trail is sponsored by one of our Partners with proceedsgoing into the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program to continue its restoration work in Mobile Bay and the Mississippi Sound.

What Are the Sponsorship Opportunities?

Contact us by E mail for more information.  There are still a few locations remaing.