Things to Read

Things to read

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Shake Your Oysters - Instructions on cleaning your gardens

Down Home with Oyster Gardening - AAA Journey Magazine January 2012

Updated Classification of Oyster Growning Areas

Introduction to the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program

National Shellfish Sanitation Program: Guide for Control of Molluscan Shellfish Section II. Model Ordinance Chapter VI. Shellfish Aquaculture

Code of Alabama Title 9. Chapter 12. Section 32: Surveys and marking of private reefs; filing of plats and lists of agents andpermitees; agents and permittees to carry permits

Oyster Gardening on Mobile Bay

How to Grow Your Oyster Garden

The Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Manual

The Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Informational Poster

Oysters Spawning Video (Opens in You Tube)

Other Oyster Gardening Programs

Tidewater Oyster Gardening Association (TOGA)

The Oyster Alliance

The New York City Oyster Gardening Program

Oyster 'gardening' restores reefs after hurricane - The Christian Science Monitor: 3 November 2009

The Virginia Oyster Gardening Guide