The Master Oyster Gardening Program is a series of sessions spanning the course of 7 months that will expand on knowledge beyond our Oyster Gardening Programs. Participants will learn oyster anatomy, ecology, farming, and sea food safety. ┬áSessions will also include trips to an oyster farm, hatchery, and sea food processing facility. At the end of the program, these certified ‘Master Oyster Gardeners’ will be able to assist in oyster gardening activities such as pick-ups, distribution, and garden maintenance without needing their own site.

Below is a tentative schedule overview for Master Oyster Gardening 2024 sessions. Each session is 2-3 hours on one day each month. Dates and times are TBD:

  • April 17th, 6:00 pm: Welcome, Introduction to Oysters (Zoom)
  • May 15th 6:00 pm: Oyster Ecology (Zoom)
  • June 15th: Oyster Hatchery Tour (in-person)
  • July (TBD): Oyster Farm Tour (in-person)
  • August (TBD): Sea Food Processing Facility Tour (in-person)
  • September (TBD): Oyster Gardening Field Site (in-person)
  • October (TBD): Sea Food Safety Overview and Master Oyster Gardening Certification (in-person)